It is days like today that make you realise how lucky we are at our school as we managed to experience life in Space in the Space Odyssey Dome, think about other parts of our own planet that are less fortunate by raising money for Sean AND celebrate a Royal Birthday all in  ONE day!

Here are just a few of the comments from the children:

Sarah-“It was like being in a space ship and I thought we were going to take off”

Jacob-“It was really dark and we saw the stars”

Myah-“It was amazing”

Beau D-“It was amazing the meteorite actually looked like it was coming towards us, great special effects”

Daisy-“I found out lots about space missions that I didn’t know before”

Ollie-“It was sooooo good. I’ve never seen anything like it……ever!”

Thank you to everyone who helped us to have such great experiences today 🙂