In science on Monday we have been learnt about shadows.We received a letter from a local puppeteer who wanted to know how we could change the shape and direction of a shadow. We were then asked if we could have a go at our own puppet show to tell the story of Night Monkey, Day Monkey which is the story we have been using to learn about light.

We experimented with shadows and found out that the position of the sun in the sky changes the direction of the shadow (we had to use a torch as it wasn’t sunny today). We also found out that when Night Monkey was near to the projector light she was bigger and got smaller when she moved away.

At the end of the lesson all of the children performed their own shadow puppet show to try and explain some of the things that confused Night and Day Monkey about light and shadows. The children really wanted to put some of them on the blog so you could see what we’ve been doing.

Well done class 3 🙂