We all went to Braunton Academy and were split into 2 Groups.

Group 1:

First Game – They lined up in groups and the first person runs to put the rugby ball down on the line. The next person picks it up and runs back. Then it goes all over again. It’s a lot like rugby!

Second Game – They had to hop instead of running and then go sideways, (a ball kept coming over from Caen which made it a bit hard!)

Group 2:

Third Game – They had to dibble a ball around 2 cones with a bat. (Not a bat that flies a bat and ball!) They did it in loads of different ways like hopping, running and Harlee even did it with a cone on his head!

Fourth Game – You had to throw a ball at some sticks standing up (a bit like cricket). The balls were cool as they had eye balls on!

Back to Group 1:

Fifth Game – The aim of the game is to (with a tennis racket) get the bean bag into the hoop. Gaby was this close to getting it in –.

Sixth Game – The first person passes a ball over their head and the next one under their legs, but they can’t step over the white line. If they do they have to start all over again….

Seventh Game – Dodgeball. You throw the ball at the other team but you’re not allowed infront of the white cones, if they get hit by a ball they’re out. Owen was AMAZING!

Over to Group 2:

Eighth Game –  Football – You put your foot on the ball and roll it into the goal. The guys from Year 9 were really kind and if you missed they’d move the goal and let you score.

Ninth Game – Basketball – You bounce the ball round all the obstacles then shoot in the net!

We all had great fun.


This is Rory Swanne reporting for Georgeham School.