Today class 3 started their new science topic about light and we had some great discussions about what is a source of light.


We had to decide whether things were a light source or not. Here are some of the ones we found tricky.

The moon: Sam claimed “people say the moon shines brightly so it must be a light source” but Daisy replied “how can it be because it is only rock and doesn’t make light.”

A phone: Myah believed that“A phone has a torch so it is” but Jonah disagrees asking“What about phones that don’t have torches?”….then I showed them a picture of a retro dial phone which made them all think again about whether a phone is always a light source! 😉

A safety jacket: “ It gives out light” whereas Annie though it wasn’t because “it only reflects light….just because it is a bright colour doesn’t mean it would light up without a light being shone on it.

So…we decided that to be a source of light it has to makes its OWN light and not just reflect light.

What other light sources can you think of? How about a mirror? Are there any that you think might make people think? Set us a challenge and see if we can decide if it is a light source!