On the last day of the half term class 4 were set the challenge of re-designing the Nature Area by FROGS, to show what they would like to have in there when it is developed.

When we went up to the Nature Area the children were surprised to see how much it had changed since they were last in there.

Jess: “It just looks abandoned, very sad.”

Elijah: “I remember in year 2 sleepover we sat around the fire and toasted marshmallows and I can’t even see the log circle properly now. I hope it can all be put right before I leave year 6.”

In our maths we thought about how useful area and perimeter will be in developing the space.


We then used our ideas to put some plans together.

The thing that class 4 wanted most was a pond and a nature shelter with a discovery tables. We also wanted to see what the other classes would like in the nature area as it is something that the whole school will be able to use when it is finished! Class 1 wanted a bug hunt area, a bench, nature books, secret pathways and a digging area. Classes 2 and 3 wanted a bird look out, bird feeders, a bug hotel, a hedgehog home, a bridge and a shelter.

We will be giving the plans to FROGS members on Monday so they can see some of our ideas. Thanks FROGS for all of your fundraising work and using some of this money on the Nature Area. 🙂

What do you think? Does anyone have any ideas about what else we could have? We’d love to read your thoughts.