Class 4 had a great day at Arlington Court today, finding out what it would be like to have worked there during the Victorian period.

The children applied for positions in the kitchen, garden or household staff and were put through their paces by the housekeeper who was looking to employ young trainees to prepare for the return of the newly married master of the house.

It was hard work trying to shine the silver and copper with just lemon juice and baking powder, and doing the laundry was considerably more difficult than today! The garden boys managed to wash two bags of potatoes in record speed, but were not too impressed to find out they would only be earning 12 shillings (around 60p) a year for the long list of duties they would be required to perform.

During the day we were taken around both the inside of the house and gardens, where we found out about the family and made notes for our writing on The Secret Garden (and admired the peacocks). A big thanks to Rob and The National Trust for funding the trip, and Simon (who made a very convincing Victorian).