It’s been busy here at school since we’ve broken up for the summer.

Green Rooms has finally installed the solar panels but we’re waiting for one old MCB breaker to be replaced before we turn it all on and reap the rewards of the weather we’re now receiving! (Did I speak to soon?)

After redecorating a little and moving furniture in classrooms, we got the call from the builders at Underhills and they started work on our radiators last week. For those familiar with the school, we have some archaic pipework and old-school radiators (deserving of inches and feet, Ali) that have now been mostly stripped out. It would be a shame to scrap these for a measly £30 per tonne so they’ll be on Ebay very soon I think!

We also have some small building projects going on too; painting a couple of offices (thanks Gary Court), re-decking Class 1’s outside area, a shed for the equipment that FROGS bought us recently, fencing round the solar panels, a nice round table courtesy of the giant cable reel the solar panels left us with and some new shelving by the staffroom.

Anyway, hopefully the sun will stay out and we’ll also get some beach time.