Good-bye and Good Luck year 6!!

Well done to all our year 6s for a fantastic end to their time at Georgeham – their acoustic version of ‘Thank you for the Days’ did Mrs P proud. They have been a super year group and it was great to celebrate their many achievements and successes (and enjoy Mrs Holborn’s photographs from when they first joined us!)

A big thanks to FROGS for the leavers’ books, and to Mrs Herbert for all the work she put into creating them – a really lovely way for the children to look back on some of the highlights of their time here at Georgeham.

Good-bye and good luck everyone! You’ll be really missed next year but it’s exciting to think of all the new things you’ve got to move onto at your next schools. Have a lovely summer holiday and don’t forget to come back and visit us to let us know how you are doing (and marvel at how tiny everything is!)

Miss Hill x