This morning we had Class 3 and Class 1 both together for the morning in the school hall. Class 3 thought this would be a great opportunity to carry out some experiments on the little ones!!

The group inside the hall drew around a small person from Class 1 and a taller person from class 3 on to wallpaper. Once we got their outline we drew the organs inside the body. We were looking at the similarities and the differences between the two children. We found that we all had the same body parts but that the bigger you are, the bigger your organs are likely to be.

There was another group inside the hall and we made life-sized skeletons of a shorter person, Lucy Houghton, and a taller person, Jonah Upward or Jess Adams. First we rolled up some newspaper and we used these tight rolls to makes bones. We all have the same bones but one of the things that surprised us was how small Lucy’s shoulder blades were compared to Isacc’s!

We also had a group outside doing experiments on the little children! We thought (hypothesised) that the bigger you are, the further your stride and also the longer your arm, the further you could throw… so we tested this out on the playground. This afternoon we’ll have the results to check if we were right!