What a wonderful sunny day for our Sports Challenges. All the Reception and Year 1 children enthusiastically took part in the 5 different Challenge Stations today in their respective mini-beast teams of Ladybirds, Spiders, Dragonflies, Woodlice and Butterflies.
The activities included:-

The ‘Welly Throw’
Treasure Box
Goal Scoring
Teddy and Spoon Race & the
Obstacle Course – (giving us brilliant photo’ opportunities to catch the boys in a floppy floral hat and gorgeous handbag)!

The amazing Year 2’s were so grown up helping Mrs Holbourn to run the event. They supervised and set-up each station, helping the younger children to complete each event confidently.

Well done to everyone who took part and again a BIG thank-you to the Year 2’s for doing such a great job! They are all coming home with a few stickers and pink faces.