Our Sports Challenge Day consists of many different events where the children have to manage a particular distance or time and collect up scores.  They have an hour in which to visit each of the 12 stations and we have enough time to visit each station possibly a third time to try and beat our previous best.

My station is the Hurdles and it’s fierce competition to see firstly, who can actually get Gold (it’s extremely hard) and secondly, who’s the fastest!  Well done to Mia Morris and Sam Taylor in being the only two this year to get gold in this single event… however, well done to all 21 children who got Gold overall from years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

The activities are…
Standing Long Jump, Triple Jump, 3-Spring Jump, Vertical Jump, Skipping, Hurdles, 10m Shuttle, Standing and Sitting Football Throwing, Cricket Ball Throwing, Hopping and the Slalom.