IMG_20150518_143632934Technologically challenged for the next four days. Titchy internet allowance on my phone, no 3G on the iPad and limited WiFi hot spots as we troop from one place to the next! Maybe at McDonald’s later tonight I can get this to send?
Left Barnstaple with more tears on the platform (none on the train sorry) and so started the, “How long is the journey?” “Are we seeing the show tonight?” “Is there a toilet on this train?” OK… not that last one.
Miss Hill spoke about the itinerary for the four days only to be interrupted by Miss Trute coming in to the waiting room with discounted hot chocolate, a bad or three of doughnuts, but also the shop keeper from Lundy who, and absolutely honestly, remembered our group from last year as she walked past us (!) and then the station guard asking if we wanted to stow stuff in the baggage car at the back. Temptations aside we stacked up the big bags at the end of the platform.
All Saints in Sussex have been in touch via Twitter too! Their year 5/6 are also on the way to London but our schedules don’t offer a meeting They’re doing Charlie & The Chocolate Factory tomorrow so we may hear about it! (Hello Di and Sharon if you’re reading this.)
Lunch on the Paddington train at the moment alongside Connect 4, cards, dotty squares, Dobble and Bananagram.
Underground on the Circle Line to Liverpool Street… went OK; safety talk consisted also of ‘walk on the left unless someone’s walking towards you or you’re on an escalator when the signs say otherwise :-/ ‘ Just the one turbo-powered-luggage-bag-on-wheels but luckily no tripping up occurred. This is great for the one or two of us who’ve never been on a train 🙂
Literally 4 minutes walk around the corner to the YHA but the level crossing was down and we had to do the bridge with our big bags. Miss Hill was prepared to wait but it it did stay closed.
YHA is lovely; lodge 5, the closest one, this year. They’ve loved comparing rooms but Lottie reports that the girls have the best room as it has the balcony!
OK so a quick game of rounders on the green in Lee Park and then dinner – bolognaise (veggie too) or creamy chicken with lots of pudding choices too.
We’ve just walked in to Essex so there were a few selfies taken under the sign post… past the Olympic kayak centre… and in to McDonald’s for a McFlurrie 🙂
That’s it from us – SEND whilst on their free WiFi!