Here are some extracts from the diary entries the children have written about their recent trip to Combe Martin Wildlife Park. Enjoy!


Yesterday was very fun!

I went on a school trip to Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park. When I got there (with my class) we saw the big dinosaurs and went to sit down for a snack at the tables.  After I had eaten my snack I went and saw the huge fish in the pond.

At the end of the day I fed the lemurs.  My favourite was Mabel, she was the newest.

Sam H

Yesterday was epic!

We went to Combe Martin Dinosaur and Wildlife Park.

One of my favourite things was the snake because it was so smooth and soft on the scales.

I got soaked because the train went to a small waterfall which turned into a rapid! After that I went into the tomb of the Egyptian Pharoahs and some girls were screaming.  Then I reached the pharaoh and he wasn’t scary at all. Even though, I did tell the pharaoh to shut up!

Jessica G

Yesterday was a very exciting day.

The meerkats were very cute and cuddly (but they are also very vicious).  That’s why we had to wear trainers, so they wouldn’t bite.  The zoo keeper was giving the meerkats meal worms, which are very healthy.  While he was feeding them he told us some facts.

Afterwards we walked up loads of stairs for a sea lion show!  They did some amazing tricks. There were two sea lions and they were so cute!  They did some amazing tricks like clapping, diving, copy the leader, they were so good.  I was very impressed.


Dear Diary,

Yesterday we went on a wonderful school trip.

At Combe Martin, the bit I hated was the Bug World because I hate bugs and it was creepy.  The spider kept looking at me!  Also it was stuffy so I kept getting pushed up to the bugs.  I was so relieved to get out of there!

My favourite bit of the day was when we went past the dinosaurs and we all got wet, but I was surprised when everyone was saying ‘squirt me!’


Dear Diary,

Yesterday we went to Combe Martin.

First I went to Bug World and in Bug World I was completely scared and when I saw four massive tarantulas on the window, Sam and Isaac tried to cheer me up.


Dear Diary,

It was a damp day yesterday!

When we were having lunch there was a robin that whenever we lifted up our hands it would hop up a branch!

After lunch we went on the wettest train I’ve ever been on!  I thought we were going to get drenched.  By the amount of water, I thought we were going to have the splash of our life!

I really enjoyed it, I can’t wait to go again!


Yesterday was extremely fun.

While I was having a snack I found some fish.  I ended up naming one Bob!

After that I went to the meerkat show.  The meerkats made me really happy because they were charging around my circle.  At one stage they were fighting like lions.  After that I went to Amazonia.  Inside there were some turtles that looked like plastic!


Yesterday I got drenched!

What I liked best of all was the sea lions.  They were really funny because when I clapped, they clapped for themselves!  I liked it when one of them pretended to be a shark.

At the end of the trip I had a class photo in the dinosaur cage.  Don’t worry, they weren’t alive!  Phew!

PS:  The T-Rex roars and another dinosaur squirts water!


Yesterday was very exciting!

I went to Combe Martin to see what animals live in the rainforest.  It was very fascinating! I got to see wallaby’s and parrots (but don’t worry, that’s not all I saw!)  The baby wallaby’s were under a shelter.  They were very hard to spot

My favourite bit was when there was a lemur sitting behind me and I didn’t know!  Then Miss Butters said, while laughing, that I’d got a friend behind me so I turned around and there was a lemur sitting behind me and it was smiling at me.


Yesterday I had an amazing day!

I had an exciting day because Class 3 went to Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park, but don’t worry, they don’t capture animals, they rescue all of them!

Firstly we went to Bug World. Secondly we had a meerkat experience, you would think they were large and they weren’t, they were absolutely not, they were tincey wincey! After that we walked down to see the lions, it was two male lions.

My favourite part of the school trip was the trained sea lions, the lady told us the difference between a seal and a sea lion.  It was all so fun!


Yesterday was brilliant!!!

The reason I’m saying this was because 24 hours ago I went somewhere that was completely new and fascinating.

Basically the first thing we did was go to see the meerkats!  They ate mealworms and kept on making these weird growling noises.

After that there was this really cool sea lion show that was definitely one of my favourite parts of this wildlife park because they were very specially trained and could do brilliant tricks like picking up litter from the water and clapping.  I will admit that I was a little disappointed since one of the sea lions didn’t want to do the show but it was still brilliant!

One of the rides I looked forward to was the Dino Express, (it’s basically a train), because one of my friends told me there was a waterfall that apparently should get you wet.  But it turned out that all I got was a couple of tiny sprinkles on my cheek.

We also saw REAL LIONS!  They were both males and were called Leo and Lenny.  Wierdly they were lazier than I expected and basically just strolled about in a large cage.


24 hours ago we walked up the drive to……Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park!

It took a while but everyone agreed it was definitely worth it.  Then we sat down and had a snack.  Some of us found lots of fish.

Then we took a long walk to the sea lion show.  They were amazing!  When we clapped, they clapped, also they did follow the leader and, at the end, some diving!


Yesterday we went somewhere amazing.

It was Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park. One of my favourite parts was the sea lions.  Oh my!  They were funny!

Also we went on a train.  We stopped by a waterfall, then there was an earthquake. In one second a wave came.  Not surprisingly, we got wet! Before that, we saw meerkats.  They were so cute!  They ate mealworms – yuck! But tasty for them.


Yesterday was AWESOME!!!

I went to Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park.  Even though I’d been there many times before, this one was totally the best, (if the bus door didn’t shut on me!)

The Bug World was brilliant, with stick insects, models of giant tarantulas and wormy things falling off sweetcorn.

One of my favourite parts was the meerkats.  They were really funny and there were holes all over the place!  I went along a path that lead to spitty alpaca’s, animals I’d rather not talk about and BIG CATS!

Probably my favourite part (with the meerkats as well) was the sea lions.  They did all sorts of amazing things like collecting hoops on their necks, putting litter into boxes, impressions and diving off high boards!  They could even CLAP! I WAS AMAZED!


Dear Diary,

Yesterday I went on a school trip!

When I arrived at the Wildlife Park I was so excited when the big grey dinosaur roared!

We had a quick snack and then we all went to the cheeky meerkats.  When I first saw the meerkats they looked cute. When they saw the mealworms they went nuts, they stood on their two feet, a bit like they were begging.


Yesterday I regretted getting wet!

My favourite part of all was the meerkats because they were very, very cute and small and I got to stay in the enclosure with them but I did not like their food – mealworms, yuck! (not like we eat them)

I had fun on the train but it was not what I expected I thought we were going to get soaked but it was only a bit of spitting! After that we got sprayed by a dinosaur and I regretted getting wet by the spray!


We saw lots of other animals too like wolves, monkeys, lions and turtles.

Near the end I got to touch two snakes, they were so slimy and silky. My favourite bug was the male cockroach.  He was so hard because they have bones on the outside and soft in the inside.


Yesterday was very exciting!

Me and my class went to Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park.  We saw loads of animals (like dinosaurs).

My favourites were the sea lions and the meerkats. The sea lions did loads of tricks, (they were trained in case they were ill).  My favourite part of the show  was when the oldest sea lion leapt off a really high platform and went head first into the water. The meerkats were incredibly cute and cheeky.  I absolutely adored them.

The part I was looking forward to the most was the Dino Express which is where you go on a train through a jungle, that is extremely dark, to a big river that you get drenched by.  I sat in the middle cart on the left side (where you’re supposed to get the wettest!)  When the water came plummeting down the river I had second thoughts.  I quickly snagged my coat from the cart and held it up in front of me.  When the water got quieter I took down my coat and it wasn’t wet at all!  I felt a bit foolish and I thought to myself, ‘why did I put my coat up?’

I felt a little disappointed too but feeding the lemurs totally made up for it.


On Tuesday I saw Dinosaurs!

I went to Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park.

I got off the bus and went to see giant dinosaurs (they were not real!)

After that I went to see the meerkats, they were so cheeky.

Then I went to see the sea lion show.  They did amazing tricks.  At the end, one of the sea lions went up some steps and dived into the water.


Yesterday I got wet!

My favourite animal was the sea lion and, when we saw the sea lions, they were putting on a show.  It was awesome!  When they wanted us to clap, they clapped.

The most scariest thing was the snakes.  The people showed the snakes and I went to the back with Mrs P because she does not like them either.


Yesterday I went to Combe Martin.

I was very excited because I’ve been there before and it’s really good.

When we got off the coach we had to wait because Mrs R was getting us in. After, we went to Bug World it was interesting because there was loads of different bugs.  My favourite one was the great red slug.

After we had lunch we saw the red fluffed lemurs.  We fed them carrots and apples.  Miss Butters took a picture of us feeding them and we noticed that there was a sign that said ‘Do Not Feed!’ but we still did.

I also saw a skunk and it smelt gruesome but it was good, it didn’t stink everyone out.  I was amazed because I got to stroke a corn snake.  It felt crispy and smooth.  It’s tongue had a triangular shaped hole in it.


Yesterday I was ever so excited.

I went to the Dinosaur Park with my class.

The baboon was very funny because he had a pink bottom.

Next I ate my lunch.  I was happy because I sat with Owen and Jonah.

It was fun at the sea lion show.  It was funny.

The cockroach felt soft, it felt bumpy.  I felt scared.

Polly L

Yesterday I went somewhere incredible!

I went to Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park.

When we walked to the entrance we had to wait for a while to get in but it was worth it because we got to go to a sea lion show.  It was so cool because they clapped when I clapped and one of them threw a bottle into the bin.  I was so amazed!

Before lunch I went to see the meerkats.  A man called Shane led us into the meerkat enclosure and told us a few facts.  Just at the very end of the meerkat talk, a meerkat came right up to my feet, sat down and looked up at me.  They were so cute!!!!


Yesterday I went on a school trip.

We went to Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park.

The best animal for me was the monkeys.  They were very funny.  One looked like it was on the trapeze.

Jess A

Yesterday was epic!

I went to Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park.  It was interesting as well because a lady was telling us lots of interesting facts.

I had one favourite bit and that was the sea lion show because they were funny, clever and cute.


Yesterday I went on a trip.

We went to Combe Martin, it was really fun.  My best part was when we saw the sea lions and the train.

I liked feeding the lemurs.  The funny part about feeding the lemurs was we were feeding the lemurs when there was a sign saying ‘no feeding!’

Polly H

48 hours ago I had the best school trip EVER!

I went to Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park.

After we had done all that ‘getting in’ stuff, we went to see the meerkats.  They were so cute.  There was an alpha male and alpha female and, guess which was the most powerful?  The female, yeah!

Now, let’s talk about the train.  It was so fun.  We went through this really dark tunnel so the train had a speaker and it told us this story.  Then we got drenched!


Yesterday I went on a school trip.

I went to Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park. My favourite bit was the sea lion show because the sea lion was really funny when they started clapping.

The worst bit was when we went in Bug World because it was really scary in there because there were tarantulas, scorpions and spiders, things scary like that!


On Tuesday it was fun because I went to Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park.

Near the end of the day we did this animal encounter thing where we stroked a cockroach, a lizard, a snake but we didn’t stroke the skunk because she wasn’t familiar with us, so she might have sprayed.

We saw lots of different animals and my favourite part of the day was probably the train and the sea lion show.


I went to Combe Martin Dinosaur Park.  We saw lots of animals.

First I saw the meerkats.  I went into the enclosure, I was quite scared but I went in.

I walked over to the lion and it looked like it was sunbathing.

I walked past the alpacas two times and was scared that they would spit!

PS:  My legs ache!


On Tuesday we went on an amazing school trip.

First we went into the Bug World.  There were amazing animals like scorpions, tarantulas, bird eating spiders and loads more exciting bugs.

Then we saw a talk about lizards, snakes, skunks and cockroaches!

Feeding the lemurs was amazing. The youngest one would climb to the top of his hut holding an apple and when he finished his apple he would come down for another.