Class 1 had some special visitors from Buckingham Palace today, King Arthur, Queen Eva, Maid Ellis and Maid Dilys!

A right royal tea party ensued including the surprise entrance of the King and Queen where everybody curtseyed and bowed. Party rings, crisps and cheese snacks were consumed, royal fruit juice drunk and special cupcakes eaten. The King and Queen had special Union Jack cupcakes!

Bunting adorned the room and union jacks both bought and homemade were waved. Pass the Royal Bag was played with the royal party picking out a card from the bag and then describing, in a sentence, who or what was on the card. Some Royal cheating was attempted but halted with the threat of being chased by the corgis! A game of’ pin the tail on the corgi’ was also played. The entertainment concluded with the Joking Jester!

Maid Ellis and Maid Dilys certainly enjoyed their reward of a cupcake each for all their hard work.