In class 4 we decided to have a Red Nose Day theme to our learning today as our farm visit was rained off.

We started off the day by thinking about what Comic Relief is all about and made our faces ‘funny for money’….the theme of the event this year.

Some of the faces were quite funny without masks too 😉

At the start of science we thought about the work that Comic Relief does to help people drink clean water and tried to investigate how water can be filtered most effectively.

Poppy-“I can’t believe how clean the water looked after we had filtered it though cotton wool”

Beau- “The problem is that in Africa the water is much dirtier than ours so a cotton wool filter wouldn’t be enough”

Joe-“The water came out cleaner when the filter tube was wider I think”


To end our day we sang the official Comic Relief song in assembly (it was pretty good considering we only heard it today for the first time).

Thanks to Mrs T for the funny faces being pulled through the song.

Well done everyone, a really good day! 🙂