Class 4 did recycled items for their projects. I had the pleasure of seeing three of them this morning.

Carpet tiles and corner yogurts and a shreddies box… all made Daisy’s recycled house. Including a bean bag from her old socks!
"I really liked how you’ve gone to different places to collect things for it!" said Thomas
"It’s epic!" said Isobel.

Molly’s project is a pencil pot made from a glass jar. She got some old paper and tissue paper stuck on and wrote the message on it! ‘Hands off my stuff!’
"I like how you got the paper stuck on as it may have taken a long time!" said Charlie.
"I like the bow tied at the top as the different strings could have been quite hard," said Molly.

Sarah did a project… and so did her dad! Dad made a picture frame that spins round using a CD at the bottom and cases for the frames. The photos can be changed too! Sarah’s dog was made from lots of cardboard and she used a bottle top for her nose. For its legs she used a cocktail stick with cardboard and to weigh down the nose heavy dog, there’s an old battery somewhere inappropriate to mention here."Whoo! I like how she got the head and body stuck together!" said Noah.