Mrs. Mortimer may not be too happy that Wendy’s Wendy House has been demolished within the first week of her leaving us. However, she’s been wanting this for the past year as Class 1 have had to cope with a slowly falling apart play house.

Today I had the pleasure of demolishing it with Chris, Lucy
Houghton’s Dad from class 1.  The children are using the story of The Three Little Pigs this week so they enjoyed watching what we were doing.  Thanks to Chris though, as I had a meeting in the middle of it and when I returned he’d done the whole thing himself!

Thanks also to the Class 4 children who battled their fears of spiders (wow, how does Will do that?!) as they carried the wood down to the front of school where Charlie Tucker (and Dad) will be carting it away on the weekend. Thanks everyone!

Lovely news – that a nice log cabin replacement is being delivered on Monday and Sarah’s Dad will be putting it up at the end of next week. Photos on the blog when it does!