Class 1 and Class 2 did their Royal Variety performance yesterday afternoon and Class 3 and Class 4 did their second show of Hoodwinked in the evening too.  The children were amazing!

They’ve worked out that crying mums is a sign of enjoyment and so that’s now slowly become the aim of their performances, not just loud and clear voices, good expressions and stage awareness!  There were a few tears and these were brought about by children being confident, being cute, being funny, remembering their lines so well and also for singing so beautifully.  It’s times like these that they show me that they’re what I call ‘little adults’ – children growing up and showing us that they are brilliant at what they do.  It makes me proud!

Aerobics session of the Royal Variety Performance

Aerobics session – can you tell it’s a Pete Cox photo?!


Class 4 came up with some comments that I thought were great…


Molly E: I can’t believe I forgot to turn my microphone on in the afternoon for my solo. I wondered why Mrs P was waving madly at me!

Fin: I found it funny when we had an empty stage in one scene in the afternoon as no-one knew who should be on. We were perfect in the evening though.

Beau B: Backstage we were all so excited it was hard to stay still.

Ella: I loved Sam’s dancing in the ‘Make them Pay’ song, the audience were all laughing loads.

Molly G: The Friars were brilliant!

Tom: I liked blowing the horn because the whole audience was looking at me.

Mia: I liked it when Sam left his sword on the chair for the fight scene because my dad thought it was all part of the show.

James: I liked being Robin Hood and being pardoned by Beau was great!

Ella (and others): The whole thing was so amazing, I loved it.

Charlie H: I forgot the pies I was meant to say so I just ended up making pies up.

Royal Variety Show

Ella: It was brilliant when they did Winnie the Pooh.

Amie: I thought they all sang Silent Night brilliantly in German.

Poppy: Sarah’s wave was great, she looked just like a Queen.

Tess: The ‘button factory’ song was amazing!

Lottie: They were all so cute. Sarah made a great Queen and Jacob looked so smart as the Duke of Edinburgh.

Molly E: They had loads to learn and remembered it brilliantly.