Went in to school today and for the third time this summer I tried to clear the pile of paperwork that certainly went back just before January.  And I’m normally so organised!

Mrs Mortimer was in.  Obviously an early start for her as she’d done a lot of work in the room and had just tidied the veg patch, probably taking some more of the raspberries home.

Mr Turner was also in.  She’d cleared her cupboard and as I was walking in she was trying to work out the conundrum of what to do for the Christmas production with the class.  We both sorted out her new PC as the keyboard didn’t work and then I finished setting up her bank of 4 PCs where Joe, our caretaker, had installed a worktop spanning the whole back wall – lovely job, just need to dig around in my garage for some cable ties now.

Miss Hill was in as well (brought some milk in too so we could all have a cuppa – luxury!) meeting Ms Dando to sort out their ‘individuals’ work where they plan their support package for the children in year 5 and 6.  There was also lots of furniture moving and display walls being prepared.

Me, well I managed to clear the desk, only to stack it in to a yucky, orange coloured tray that Miss Hill was throwing out and bring it home.  All I’ve managed from it so far is to add some useful links to the blog… and watch some videos!

I found this one hilarious and thought our parents would laugh with it too.

See you on Monday the 8th… 8.55am bell, don’t forget. (I know!  My kids were still in PJs at 11 this morning!)

 Mr T