Finally, after a year in the planning, months of collecting countless empty milk cartons (that’s right, I haven’t physically counted how many are in there), 16 tubes of silicone (very kindly donated by Travis Perkins of Braunton) 6 packets of hot glue sticks and 2 broken hot glue guns – the Georgeham Jumper’s Igloo aka ‘Georgehenge!’ is now complete!

‘Jumpers’ have worked so hard washing the bottles out, sticking the bottles together, holding them in place, putting the lids on and sometimes giving up time in their lunch hours.

The children will now be able to use this as a quiet zone/den during after school club, weather permitting!

Thanks to all of you who contributed bottles – you can now recycle all your milk cartons in the usual way.

Please feel free to explore the igloo with your children BUT please be warned – ADULTS DON’T FIT so please don’t try and squeeze in.

The centre post unfortunately has to stay in place to prevent sagging!! I will not be passing my ‘Eskimo architectural exam’ anytime soon.

But please go and look, it looks really pretty when you peek in and look up!

It has been a challenge, staff have been fed up of me going on about it and poor Kay has disappeared under empty milk cartons at times but we are now there and to see the children in it and hear their comments has made it all worth while.

‘It’s really cool!’

‘I love the different colours of all the lids!’

‘It’s a bit wonky but it looks really pretty inside!’

‘It’s not very round is it?’

Let’s hope it survives the summer and the weather that that brings.