I received a lovely email from Jon Skinner from Challenge Ministries Swaziland today thanking us for our incredible donation for our ‘Sean’ fund and also for the box of merit gifts similar to our Star of the Week teddy’s rucsac.

Thanks to everyone who’s helped with this charity… but please read the email below too – are you tempted, like Sue Mortimer was, to go to Swaziland yourself?!

​Dear Julian,

Once again Georgeham have done over and above regarding their support of Sean. Thank you so much. I have attached a receipt for your latest support cheque of £477.50.

Please pass on my personal thanks to staff and children and especially the very kind donation from the teacher who gave her art work’s commission money into the Sean fund.

I have been in conversation with Sue, who has let me know that there is a box of merit shop gifts from your school to ours in Swaziland, again thank you. I am going to Swaziland in August and will take this with me. I will come in Wednesday morning of next week to pick this up and will hopefully see you then.

I would like to inform you that I am now arranging a teachers Mission impact trip to Swaziland for the first 2 weeks of the summer holidays of 2015. Please let your staff know about this and let me know if you have any interested people … perhaps yourself? J

Once again, thank you.

Kind regards,

‘Together changing children’s lives’

Jon Skinner

International Fund Raiser