After dinner we went on the train into London. London Eye and the 4D cinema was a hit with brilliant views. I tweeted about the gerkin being called the pickle!
James the friendly policeman showed us the unfriendly policeman’s MP5 machine gun at 10 Downing Street. The PM was home but he had had a long day with the Chinese Prime Minister and couldn’t come out for a hello.

The Queen was also home but I think she may have gone to bed if the noisy children didn’t keep her awake… Actually we were tied by then and a bit quiet.
Trafalgar Square was dark but then it’s late!
Once we found Embankment we were treated to some Ariel Arts with a couple of girls on the pole in the middle of the tube carriage!!! I laughed but Miss Hill suggested they stop.!
Train now… Slow one to Cheshunt šŸ™ … And they’re surprisingly chirpy… šŸ™ !

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