You know about Sean don’t you?  Sean lives in Bolembu, in Swaziland, in South Africa.  We sponsor Sean through the Child Sponsorship Programme with a charity called Challenge Ministries Swaziland.  This all came about because of a chap called Jon Skinner.  Jon lives in Ilfracombe, he visited Swaziland, he stayed for years with his family, he helped set-up a school and he has made it a mission to help this community in every way possible – this is the only African community with a negative population growth.

Jon came to the school a while ago and told us about the charity.  He dropped in to conversation that there was a volunteer programme… and so Sue Mortimer started planning.  Do you also remember their visiting choir performance at St George’s Church?!  It brought tears to your eyes – happy and also sad ones! It’s been a year since Sue’s return from her term there, where she lead the school and trained the staff during their Headteacher’s maternity leave!

We have a new contact in Bolembu.  Elaine Tucker will be keeping us abreast of how Sean is getting on and below is his most recent update.  I’m sure they’ve also updated his photo… how grown up he looks now!

Sean's report

Sean’s report

Click here for the full update on Sean… Sean’s latest update…
Brilliant news… Sean was chosen as Best Student of the Half Term!
Look out for a ‘Sean Day’ in the diary – non-uniform and a £1 donation for the charity.