As part of our RE this term we have been looking at different Celebrations so Tuesday 11th February 2014 was a very special day as we all attended the wedding of two of our class. The Bride was given away by her father (slightly younger version) and attended by two beautiful bridesmaids. The Groom was a little nervous but ably supported by his Best Man.The ceremony was taken by ‘honorary’ Vicar Mrs Holbourn and the loan of her actual wedding ring was greatly appreciated by the Best Man as he had forgotten to bring one! After signing the Register, the couple were showered with confetti outside. A great day was had by all and we are now all expert wedding participants!SAM_4858 SAM_4860 SAM_4861 SAM_4863 SAM_4866 SAM_4869 SAM_4871 SAM_4874 SAM_4875 SAM_4876 SAM_4877 SAM_4878 SAM_4881 SAM_4883 SAM_4885 SAM_4888 SAM_4896 SAM_4897