It’s the first day back and everyone is so tired. Most of the school is half asleep (including Mr Thomas.)
By Poppy.

Mrs Rinvolucri redecorated the classroom. The space scene is star-tastic!
I wonder what we’re going to do in calculations (maths) and exciting sentences (English.)
It’s annoying going to school after two fun-filled weeks of Christmas and playing with Lego!
By Toby.

We are learning about Space. Mrs R had made a very nice display. We all liked it, especially Earth. Looking forward to the week ahead.
By Isla.

Super excited about seeing my friends!!! 🙂 Can’t wait to start working – wonder what we’re going to do first? Haven’t learnt anything so far… I wish break was sooner. Hope it’s not wet play!
By Isabel.

Polly’s leg is back in action without the cast!
Wow, time flies. It feels like one day instead of two weeks!
We are learning Science and Space this term.
By Gracie.

First day back and the teacher has changed bits in the classroom. They laid the maths board out neatly – our target is to work on calculations. Our topic is SUPER SPACE!
By Rory.

The Chair Burgler…
I walked up to my table to write my blog and when I went to sit down Mr Thomas was sitting on my chair. I asked him “Can I have my chair back please?” and he laughed!
By Molly G