We thought you might like to read some of the things we have been learning in Class 2 this term. Since coming back in September we have been very busy in our RE lessons. Our topic was Facts and Beliefs. For some people, believing in God is very important. Just because one person believes in something and someone else doesn’t, we respect them and what they think. It doesn’t mean because you don’t agree that they are wrong, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, everyone is ‘equal’.

Learning the difference between a fact and belief was a bit tricky but we did lots of fun things to understand it. Some people believe in God and Christians like to talk to God through prayer. We all wrote prayers and Jessica read hers out:

Dear God, Thank you for the lovely world, please keep my friends cousins and my family safe, please make us have a good life, thank you for our food and water, please make sure my dad doesn’t get sick any more. Amen.

Toby wanted to write a thank you: Thank you for the beautiful flowers, please keep all the people safe, thank you for all the people who work very hard for us.

We also learnt about two stories, The Prodigal Son and the Lost Sheep. We really enjoyed these stories and we learnt that the father of the Prodigal Son forgave him and Sam says, that if we say sorry, we learn from our mistakes and we won’t do it again. We know that the Shepherd in the Lost Sheep loved the missing sheep as much as the rest of his flock and missed him.

When we were talking about forgiving people, some of the class told some funny stories about things they have done wrong: I won’t type any names but maybe the parents might be able to guess who said what…….

My brother hit me so I decided that I would trip him up with my skipping rope!

I punched my sister and I got a big consquence, it was being sent to my bedroom for 3 hours!

When I snatched something off my sister, she pinched me, she got in big trouble!

I bit my Daddy!!!

We all said sorry for doing these awful things and because they were family and we all love each other, we were forgiven.

We all enjoyed going to St George’s Church for the Harvest Festival and now we are looking forward to Christmas.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our RE lessons.

Bye from Class 2! 😉