Stepping Stones

/Stepping Stones

Taster morning in class 1

We had a lovely morning with the pre-school children for their transition taster in class 1. Although they've spent lots of time in class 1 already, it was nice for them to have the room to themselves and have a good explore! We played some speaking and listening games, created our own 'all about me' poster and practiced our scissor [...]

Olympic Day!

Tuesday was our Olympic Day for Bubble 1! For our opening cermony, we marched around the running track waving our flags and chanting for the different countries. We then split off into our country groups and took part in a variety of Olympic activities. We had javelin, beanbag toss, long jump, hurdles and a cycle race. We worked well as [...]

Penalty Shoot-Out!

Whilst we were busy making our England flags this afternoon, we decided to go outside for our own penalty shoot-out! Harry your heart out!

Preschool Delicious Jam Sandwiches

During snack time Preschool learnt to share using the Jam sandwiches. Making sure we all had equal amounts.

Sunny days at Preschool

Releasing the butterflies!

  On Tuesday we had the excitement of 2 butterflies emerging from their chrysalis! On Wednesday, we noticed that another two chrysalides had gotten darker, which meant the next two butterflies were getting ready! By Thursday morning we had four butterflies, we fed them bits of orange. Today we took them outside to release them! Three of the [...]

Busy week in Pre School


Caterpillar update!

Two out of five are now in their chrysalis. Fingers crossed the other 3 wait another day so that we can watch together!

Baby Caterpillars!

We had a very exciting delivery this morning...5 baby caterpillars! We are so excited to watch them grow over the next few weeks. We've learnt lots about the life cycle of a butterfly and almost know 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' off by heart. We're going to keep a caterpillar diary over the next few weeks to see the different changes [...]

Real life wasp nest!

We found a wasp nest hanging from the ceiling in the corner of our Wendy House. We carefully (checking there weren't any wasps inside) brought it inside to have a look. We couldn't believe how soft and papery it felt. We cut it in half to see the empty cells. It was perfect timing for our minibeast topic!! :-) [...]