Shed volunteers…?

Have you got a small amount of time right at the end of the day this Wednesday, to help clear out our Preschool shed? 2.45pm if you do. Sadly, the shed roof has been damaged and much of its contents is now perished and mostly unsalvageable. We need to clear it and move the contents up to the Forest School [...]

North Devon Taiko Drumming Project – Friday club

North Devon Taiko Drumming Project ...Fridays at 4.45 (starting after half term) Petroc Campus Suitable for years 5 and above! (It's brill!)

Newsletter … week-ending 16th July 2021 … issue 507

Class Stars :-) Our Early Years… Reuben Brooks Class 2… Hallie Osborne Class 3… Henry Smith Class 4… Benjy Kennard Staff Shout-Out… Mr Thomas and Mrs Rinvolucri (Thanks for doing the assembly today Miss Smale... and thanks for the shout-out!) Please be really careful over the next week (even more than you have been over the last 18 months (thank [...]

Newsletter .. week-ending 22.1.2021 … issue 486

Well done for another successful week everyone. I can’t quite believe it’s the end of the third week of Remote Learning. We all appreciate how hard things can be when you’re juggling work, children, the remote learning that’s provided and just life in general through the week, but from our view at school, it looks like you’ve all done exceptionally [...]

Remote Learning surveys….

Thanks to the many of you who have emailed and passed on such positive comments so far... but we really want to check in with everyone and see if it's all going ok for you, and so we've created a survey for each of our four classrooms (links at the bottom).  They'd only take you 5 minutes for your child's [...]


Don't forget, we're still collecting items for Harvest. Thank you to those that have brought items in so far. Any tins, packets or sachets from either the back of your cupboard, those that are surplus or something you buy on purpose for this... are all really appreciated, thank you! Produce will be taken to the local Food Bank by Rev. [...]

19th April update…

Here's a video - please click to watch and listen. We're listening to everyone and we're adapting our offer to suit as many of our families and children as we can. It’s been lovely to see what children and families have been doing, and so we're fully embracing the Google Classroom environment and making use of it as fully [...]


Of course, with breaking up for Easter almost two weeks before the Easter weekend, we were already singing some of our favourite songs and making sure we were going to be on form for some singing at St.George's Church for the final assembly of the term. And being aware that we were to break up the very next day, a [...]

Class 2 science…

A quick thought to senses, during the Autumn, and the things that you can; Taste, Smell, See, Hear, and Feel this time of the year. No, not hot sun on your backs or the smell of BBQs, but blowing wind, crunchy leaves and warm hot chocolate! And then also to food chains. What does, 'being at the top' mean? [...]


Should Theo shout at the boys? Should he shout, or should he lower his voice? Should they move closer so that he doesn't have to shout? After shouting at the boys at the top of the field, should Theo then shout at them again from the top of the field when they've moved to the bottom?? Does the Gazebo get [...]