Class 2 science…

A quick thought to senses, during the Autumn, and the things that you can; Taste, Smell, See, Hear, and Feel this time of the year. No, not hot sun on your backs or the smell of BBQs, but blowing wind, crunchy leaves and warm hot chocolate! And then also to food chains. What does, 'being at the top' mean? [...]


Should Theo shout at the boys? Should he shout, or should he lower his voice? Should they move closer so that he doesn't have to shout? After shouting at the boys at the top of the field, should Theo then shout at them again from the top of the field when they've moved to the bottom?? Does the Gazebo get [...]

Lunch-time Gifts…

Keri was presented with these at the end of lunchtime to, "Cook something yummy with." Thanks Libby, Sadie, Isla and Yosua... you make our day! :-)