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Class 2 and plastics!

  Even an accidental photo showed the plastic we use nowadays! It's everywhere...! And a small 5-minute #TrashMob of the school grounds showed us how much there is, and that even some of our own pupils throw under the Gazebo! We watched the condensed version of 'A Plastic Ocean' and the children could really see what happens to [...]

TTRockStars #RockWrangle

A new piece of software we've purchased is TTRockStars.  It's a Times-Tables tester but put into a Rock Star context where you can earn money gigging, get new backgrounds, personalise your character and purchase new instruments.  It's also done completely anonymously... meet Roxy Friedman (me!) Class 3 and 4 have been using this a little over the year, but only when [...]

Teachers’ Rock YOUTH Choir – The Album Launch

To end an amazing week (and I'm blogging in reverse if anyone's noticed) we had the launch of our Teachers Rock YOUTH Choir album last night, Saturday 30th June. TRC has been going for 5 years now and members come from all walks of school life - teachers, admin, TA staff, Headteachers, teacher trainers and retired teachers too.  Miss Summerville [...]

Year 6s in London; 2018

Here you are... a lovely little video capturing some of what we got up to!  (And what a great week it was!) Click within the video to open up in You Tube, or click here We also blogged about London... Yr6 London photos! with a link straight to the Album itself where you can download if you'd like.

Governors’ Visioning, with crisps, dips and wine!

Thanks for coming to the Governors' evening; it was a great evening's opportunity to bounce some ideas and get feedback! We talked about the work we've done in the background and tried to distil exactly what is it about our school that we really like, what we want to be and how we'd get there. We shared our work to [...]

Where’s the beach?

Another brilliant and fun afternoon on the beach... and somewhere along the high tide line Amias, Owen and Fred found Mr Thomas over towards Woolacombe, a couple of miles away, and blazed the trail back to Tony's cafe. Some lovely photos on the blog so make sure you click through to the gallery. It was lovely spending time on the [...]

YOUTH Rock Choir…

This morning was the second part of the Teachers Rock YOUTH Choir Project; the day we finally put everything together and recorded our CD. 150 children came together from many locations around the South West and sang five songs in total... Reef's Place Your Hands, Coldplay's Fix You, World in Union and a couple of Gospel numbers. Class 4's Sam, [...]


Another surprising weekend / Sunday of fun! We cleared the playground and pathways this morning, with some initial work on Sunday afternoon (the photo above) but had to delay the start of school due to the amount of ice on the road. Communication seems to have worked well with Facebook (Twitter pushes its post to our FB Page) and Devon [...]

Parents Plus Adolescents Programme…

There will be a Parenting Plus Adolescents Program starting at Taw View on April 23rd, 10am-12.30pm. This program promotes effective communication and positive relationships in families with adolescents aged 11-16years. The program is for parents only to attend and the school needs to complete the (easy-to-complete) referral form on your behalf.  Please come and ask Mr Thomas about this if you'd [...]

(embarrassing post!)

Did you know I was in a choir? (Miss Summerville and Miss Smale have joined too!) "Teachers Rock" started as a Devon teachers' choir and has grown over the past 5 years to include about 4 counties now. Today was our first Teachers Youth Choir rehearsal including 120 children from all over Devon... all rehearsing in preparation for cutting a [...]