We’re off to see The Wizard!

We're all ready for another amazing M&M Production. This time it is the Wizard of Oz! Thanks FROGS! After the show... Amie- "It was amazing!" Molly G- "Really good fun!" Mia- "I liked it when the curtain fell down and they had to improvise" A great show, although I must admit that I didn't know that the Wizard [...]

Film Club with Cats & Dogs…

First Film Club of the year and we have nearly a full house enjoying Cats & Dogs. Thanks to Juli, Emma, Nora and Angela for helping out after school, buying the pop corn and helping out with getting drinks and pop corn to the children. Actually I think Emma looked this film the most - big smile from the parent's [...]

Putsborough Beach Walk…

I love our Putsborough Beach Walk.   It's a really nice community spirited event bringing loads of us together for a fun time on the beach.  Great too that it's moved from the traditional (but busy) side of the summer holiday to the equally nice weather this term - what a great way to start the year! Thanks again to Rob [...]