Thank you to the 56 families who completed our online Parent Survey – reading your feedback and suggestions has been a real pleasure this week.

We asked you to consider a number of questions about the school and rank your experience from 5 (excellent) to 1 (very poor).  The results were really encouraging – below we have listed the percentages of responses that fell into the 5 (excellent) or 4 (very good/good) rankings:

  • 89% ranked the school highly when when asked if you felt your child was supported to achieve their potential

  • 79% noted that communication was good

  • 78% of you felt confident that you could support your child with home learning tasks

  • 93% felt your child had a positive experience in their class

  • 91% noted that your child felt nurtured and safe at school generally

  • 91% of you felt that you could see the school values reflected in your child’s experience at Georgeham

These results are overwhelming and testimony to the hard work of all the teaching, TA and wide staff at the school as well as the support that parents are providing to children at home.  This year has definitely been unusual.  Teachers have adapted hugely as have families.  Many of you noted specific thanks to the team at the school and also commented on how much you’ve missed being present in school – we have definitely felt the absence from the classroom and the normal school events calendar!

We asked you to tell us three things you value about the school – whilst each answer was unique there were some common themes and descriptions that came up. Words like ‘caring, kind, friendly, community, nurtured, outdoors’ were mentioned again and again.  This is wonderful to hear given how much these words reflect the intention of our school values.

We also asked you to tell us what we could do better – it is great to enjoy the positive feedback but we can always improve.  Again, answers were often quite unique to the needs of individual families but some common themes did emerge.  They were:

– Sport – lots of you asked for more sport and many of you spotted that our ‘Covid’ recovery focus this term has provided for a lot more sporting opportunities for children.  Mr Thomas and the governors have already started to consider how we could use our Sports Premium funding to support a continuation of these sporting opportunities.

– Curriculum breadth – a number of you highlighted that your children felt there was a focus primarily on English and Maths.  The school offers a very broad curriculum but it is important that we ensure that children and parents understand how and when we offer what are known as the foundation subjects (history, geography, science, art, music, languages…)

– Technology – some of you questioned how much time children spend on laptops and using technology.  After home learning we are all feeling overloaded with screen time but we’ve asked the classroom teachers to help you understand how, and when, technology is used in the classroom.

There were also some great practical suggestions including continued expansion of the Forest School area, providing an up to date list of all staff (with pictures) so that parents know who is teaching and supporting their child.

Thank you again for your input.  You can always talk to your child’s teacher or Mr Thomas if you have any specific concerns, but as we approach the end of another Covid-challenged year it has been wonderful to be able to share the survey feedback with all the team and share our thanks for all the work they have done.