Something we heard about just as we were breaking up, is the ‘Wave of Hope.’

Children throughout the country, and certainly in Devon and Cornwall, are making a statement and creating a message for world leaders as the come together for the G7 summit in June.

I know it’s sunny, but if need an activity when you’re hiding in the shade or you have some bored, “What can I do?” children, then offer them this…

We’re going to collect up all these handprints when we return from the break, and, together with the Braunton Learning Cooperative Schools, make one long joining-of-hands display on the Tarka Trail.

Hope you can find some time, and shade, in the week to get creative!

Here’s some text from the organisers… and a link to a longer pdf resource that explains more and gives you some further tips.

It’s time for the Prime Minister and the world’s governments to take action to address the biggest crises of our time and work together for a just and green recovery – one that provides vaccines and healthcare for all, fights poverty and injustice, and helps end the climate and nature crises.
Will you join thousands of others around the UK in the Wave of Hope? Together, we can flood world leaders with our calls for a better future – our voices rising together, no matter where we are.

Why a wave?
Firstly, the waving hands symbolise our connection to each other. Secondly, the wave signals growing momentum for change as more people speak up and take action for a better future – and as the wave builds, so does our hope. Just like the waves on the shores of Cornwall, our Wave of Hope will greet the world leaders at the G7 summit in June and beyond.