Class Stars 🙂

Our Early Years… Molly Wright

Class 2… William Hill-Dymond

Class 3… Isaac Gilroy

Class 4… Theo Trueman

…and a link to our Celebration Assembly too! 

For those following the blog, receiving the emails or spotting us on Facebook, you’d be aware that Class 3 spent a couple of days at the local outdoor centre, St. George’s House, and that Year 6 spent almost the whole week, in London.  What an Adventurous week it’s been!

Being adventurous is about playing and being challenged, and we ensure that our children receive quality and age-appropriate frontier adventure from experts in the field.  Our Class Stars this week in Class 3 and 4 were awarded so for being adventurous and trying new things, for having determination to carry on when things were a challenge and because they thought of others when they did so.  Theo too this further in London by putting others first, looking after them when they were anxious and always offering support – such a delight!  

All of the Year 6 children were exceptional and if you didn’t gather such from our blogs, it really was a pleasure to take them away and share the time with them… because they were just lovely!   All of the Museum and restaurant staff would agree with us too I’m sure, given the positive comments and smiles we left behind us!  Give us a week or two and I’ll have the video edited and uploaded!  

Attendance is looking great so far this year, if you remove all the enforced closures of course!  The DfE and Devon County Council would like schools to have excellent 100% attendance of course, but have a target for us at 96.5%.  Our current data has us at exactly this, which is great.  Well done to everyone for trying hard with this, but let’s see if we can improve on it over the next half term too.   We’ll produce a breakdown of your child’s attendance for the year so far in the annual report, which will be issued just after the half-term break.  

Here’s how the individual classes look like…
Class 4: 96.1%
Class 3: 97.9%
Class 2: 97.8%
Class 1: 94.3%
School: 96.5%


Plastic Free North Devon have two beach cleans this weekend and they’d love it if they could have our school families helping to pick up the litter and titchy bits of plastic.  It’s on this weekend, Sunday 23rd May, at two locations … Putsborough and Saunton too … between 11am and 1pm.

We have some recent lost property that show they’re clearly hand-me-downs from families who have since left us for secondary.  We think that our current children aren’t familiar with those names in their jumper and so the lost property pile remains uncollected.   Please help out by labelling your child’s jumper so we can reunite them!


I’m just a little awe struck that I’ve reached my milestone 500th newsletter.
I wonder if, maybe, I should celebrate?  Yes, maybe so! 
Thanks ever so much to the year 6 parents for the gifts of a bottle of wine yesterday – you really do encourage us all and build us up too!!
What a lovely Community!!  🙂

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Last week’s guidance again for those who missed it…. 

The DfE issued an update to the guidance on Monday evening but little has changed in terms of schools.  Here’s a brief summary of the large document, and some explanation of how it impacts us and our community.

    • Masks.  As from Monday, we aren’t going to ask our parents to wear masks on the school playground.  The NHS do still suggest that masks should be worn when adults are in crowded spaces, so some adults may like to continue to do so.  However, our staff will still be asked to wear masks on the playground considering the range and amount of adults that we could be in close contact and conversation with.
    • No large gatherings such as assemblies and collective worship.  We don’t use the hall like we used to and we’re continuing with our two, infant and junior, bubbles.  Regarding our Sports’ Day, we plan to have something of an extended PE lesson but even that has some limiting guidance about it.  Sadly, we can’t have parents on site just yet but we are monitoring guidance changes and will keep you updated!
  • Consider staggered starts. This really helps our parents with social distancing, but it also helps reduce lateness and improve punctuality.  Aim for 8.45 and there’s an excellent possibility of arriving ‘on time’ for the 9am register!   
  • [Adults] not to gather at the gates.  We are asked to remind parents about social distancing, and not to gather in large groups – yes, despite the changes on Monday that you can have groups of 6 inside and 30 outside.
  • A temperature… The person with symptoms should book a PCR test and isolate with the household.  Children should not attend school with a temperature; please don’t cover a temperature with Calpol.
  • Term time holidaysParents should not take children out of school during term time.  Requests should be made prior to an absence, if one is needed.  Please do ask Jo for a ‘request for absence’ form.
  • Volunteers.  We’re quite excited that these can start again!  They are an excellent addition to the team and really support the children’s learning!   Again, adults should be socially distanced, or wearing a mask if this is difficult.  Please get in touch with Jo, or your child’s teacher, if you have a slot of time during the week that you can offer – we’d be really grateful!
    • There’s also guidance regarding staff that I thought you’d like to know…
  • Minimise use of staff rooms.  We now have two staff rooms in school, and we limit how many can sit in there due to Social Distancing.
      • Staff socially distanced from each other.  Our staff are also trying hard to maintain social distancing of 2m.  We also wear masks, mostly when we’re not in our usual working area.     
  • Twice-weekly asymptomatic LFD tests. It’s still a requirement that staff do these twice a week.



Encourage one another, and build each other up,” 


Dates in the diary… bottom of the front page…


Dinner Menu… 


Our school’s Designated Safeguarding Officer is Julian Thomas
We have three Deputy Safeguarding Officers; Jo Benfield, Emma Hill and Lucy Rinvolucri.
If you have any concerns that you’d like to discuss, please call through to Jo and ask for an appointment with one of us.  You may also find some useful or helpful information on our Safeguarding webpage…