Class Stars 🙂

Our Early Years… Willow Elliott

Class 2… William Hill-Dymond  

Class 3… Arwen Brooks

Class 4… Elfini Dobrocsi

…and a link to our Celebration Assembly too! 


I know we’re coming to the end of the month now, but we’ve just time to tell everyone that April is (or was) Autism Awareness Month.   Our whole school’s staff have embarked on a long training course over many after-school sessions to find out about Autism and to ensure we do our best to support those children on the spectrum.  

Autism is a life-long condition which affects the way that a person communicates and relates to people and the world around them.  Being a spectrum, it affects people in different ways, but many pupils would have high levels of anxiety and all pupils will experience a difference in four key areas.

  • Social Understanding
  • Interests and Information Processing
  • Sensory Processing
  • Communication and Interaction.

The first statistic that we were given on the training course was that 1 in every 100 children have a diagnosis of autism.  I guess however, that if it’s a spectrum, there would be many more children with differences and difficulties in those areas above that aren’t significant enough to get a diagnosis… and that’s why we felt it was important to find out more about Autism, and how we can help the children and families in our community.

And after only one session, we were all talking with this new knowledge about how we can support our children even more so.  As we go through the training, I’ll make sure to pass on any nuggets of info that may help our families too.

Don’t forget, Mrs Rinvolucri is our SENDCo and would be very happy to talk to you if you have any worries about your child.  Parent consultations are taking place over the next couple of weeks too, so please make sure you book your time and talk to your child’s teacher if you have any worries.


Please continue to wear a mask on the playground at pick-up times.  Our Covid Risk Assessment is on our website, but there’s nothing much changed this term and we still need to ask our parents to be socially distanced, and wear masks. 

We mentioned last week that, following the parent consultations this term, we’ll be issuing school reports just after the ½ term break. 


Encourage one another, and build each other up,”   It would have been Sir Captain Tom Moore’s 101st birthday today.  Wasn’t he an amazing man who really did make the NHS staff feel encouraged?!  We are adventurous… I wonder if your child will do 100 things for you this weekend, just like Sir Captain Tom Moore did?


Class 3 have already had their Parents’ meeting for their trip to St.Georges House on the 17th May.

Year 6 will have their meeting about their London residential, on Thursday at 2.30.

We’ll also arrange a meeting for Lundy (two trips, for years 5 and 6) but for Class 2’s sleepover at school next half term, it’s all in a leaflet for you… more details soon.


Lost property is starting to overflow, and we have a second tub in Class 3 too.  What’s confusing is that some are labelled with children who left us years ago.

Please help us by labelling your jumpers and clothing.  


It’s Bank Holiday Monday…  So Tuesday’s dinner menu, will be Monday’s.

Tuesday’s lunch  is, 

Macaroni Cheese… 

Bean chilli with sweet potato fries… 

Jacket with Beans… 

Tuna Roll 

Everything else – just as the menu online


Dates in the diary… bottom of the font page…


Dinner Menu…