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Class Stars 🙂

Our Early Years… Jude Seels

Class 2… Bea Matthews

Class 3… Sam Land

Class 4… Ashley Baraniak

…and a link to our Celebration Assembly …

It’s been another busy week  and it’s culminated in a colourful Red Nose Day where we’ve raised approximately £140.  The children are excited, colourful and some of them have explored what Red Nose day is all about, thinking of others.

This week, I’ve spoken about our School Value of being a community, and loving your neighbour as yourself.  We need to be patient and calm, and we need to listen and think of others – this is something that we’ve seen happening in our school over the past week and makes us proud of our school, and also also something that we’ve been learning about.  How do YOU want to be treated?

Our Friends of Georgeham School… FROGS…  have been getting together and planning things for the school community too.  Here’s something they’ve come up with…

 ‘Win one of these 3 Chocolate Easter Hampers
and help FROGS raise money for the school! 

FROGS are organising a Family Easter Challenge to be completed sometime during next weekend (27th/28th March). As a family group (please make sure there is an adult present!) you will need to solve the clues to find different locations around Georgeham. In each location there will be a secret word to find. Further instructions will be given on the Family Easter Challenge sheet that will come home on Friday the 26th March!! 

To be in with a chance of winning you need to hand in an envelope with your answer and a voluntary donation (for FROGS) to school on Monday 29th March. Names will be drawn on the last day of term! 

Please feel free to give generously, if you can, as we haven’t been able to do much fundraising this year due to Covid. Any donation will be much appreciated. Thank you!’

Easter Hampers!

Not forgetting that next Saturday is also Max’s 365th day of camping in his back garden!  The Braunton Learning Community are all hopefully sharing in his year’s journey and camping out in some way, whether outside in a tent, or under dining tables, dens behind sofas, etc.!  Have a read about his story and click through to raise money for The Hospice…

One of our ex-Governors, David Morton, may have moved away to Cheshire only a month ago, but a big project for the community that he was a major player in, was started just after he moved and is now almost complete!  The new pathway through to the park, makes the walk up Newberry from the shop up to Longland Lane a much safer one.  David was also a major player with the development of our school values, and has certainly shown that he embodies ours for this term!  “We Are A Community: Love your neighbour.”  Thanks again David… well done!!

Did you visit the great resource we wrote about last week called Happy Maps?   It is a directory full of advice for supporting behaviour and good mental health, organised by age group and area of concern.

It’s still vitally important… that you continue to be careful around the school site – wearing masks, being socially distanced, using the one-way gates on the front playground… but also keeping an eye out for any of ‘the three symptoms’ of cough, temperature and taste, so that we can communicate to others, anonymously, about possible class or bubble closures.  This does also mean a family isolation of course.  Please phone the school about this as soon as you can, so that we can refer to the DfE hotline.  Thank you!

Covid-safe School Guidelines…  
> One parent per child on the playground please.
> Wear masks on the school property.
> Use the one-way gates (in at the front, out through the School House).
> Keep 2m and follow social distancing rules please.
> Phone or email Jo, and 
> Please don’t block the doorway or office hatch.
> Please DO come on to the playground as children exit the white School House gate straight on to a road and we need their parents to supervise this.  

We’re still experiencing some technical issues with our website and blog, but whilst we’re working through these, it would be good if you could remind any extended family you know of who used to be subscribed, as they may not be at the moment.   Apologies for any inconvenience!

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