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Class Stars 🙂

Our Early Years… Nicholas Woodeson

Class 2… Coco Windridge

Class 3… Sadie Goodson

Class 4… Elfini Dobrocsi

…and a link to our Celebration Assembly is at the bottom of this newsletter… 

What a wonderful week it’s been!  It’s great having everyone back in but it’s also lovely to hear so many comments on the playground about families finally getting their houses back in order, and parents with their feet up during the day and breathing a sigh of relief!  One more time – Well done for your mammoth task of remote learning… and surviving!!

We’ve had warm and enjoyable sunny playtimes this week, some panicky rain bursts and also windy days that excite the children quite a lot; on a non-uniform day no less!   It’s also been jam-packed with everyone getting back into the swing of learning in the classrooms again.  We’ve covered lots of the basics (phonics, spellings, counting in multiples) but we’ve done lots to re-engage with how the school works – it’s almost like coming back after a Summer holiday.

I wrote last week about many other R words – re-engaging, refreshing, reshaping, renewal, recapping and reformulating.  There’s lots to celebrate over the past couple of months, but lots to recap and refresh on too.  

My Celebration Assembly this week spoke about a coastline tree battered by the wind, and how it was similar to our school at the moment.  The tree still stands firm with its roots deeply grounded, just as we are with our school values keeping us strong, but the last two months of storm has been hard, and everyone’s tired, almost limped over.  What better school value to have than We Are a Community where we make sure we love your neighbour as yourself?

Getting back into this ‘new normal’ is hard and tiring, and so we’ve made sure that we have a school structure that looks after the children’s well-being too.  This week, all classes have done something regarding well-being, providing opportunities and strategies for children to know that they can talk to others, and what to do when they’re stuck or finding things hard.  

I have recently been made aware of a fantastic website called ‘Happy Maps’.  It is a directory full of advice for supporting behaviour and good mental health, organised by age group and area of concern.  It has useful information, suggestions and resources to support in areas such as sleep problems, anger, issues with food and eating, internet safety and gaming, toileting and anxiety to name just a few.  Advice is tailored for all ages of child and the content I have seen is clear and simple to navigate.  I hope that it may be of use for those who may be needing support.

Over the next few weeks, our school staff will slowly get the children fully into the swing of learning again.  We’ll be covering lots of ground and informally assessing some of the basic skills that they should have at their stage.  All formal assessments this year have been cancelled, but we’ll be using past paperwork to support our Teacher Assessments.  Next term, we’ll also be working with the Braunton Learning Cooperative and some other schools, to moderate and cross reference our assessments to ensure they are accurate and a good reflection of your child’s ability.  We also hope to provide you with a parents’ consultation later this term and a school report, possibly before the May half-term.

It appears that the website has lost all its subscribers with a plug-in that wasn’t working properly.  If you know of a family member who used to receive our blogs, do tell them to put their email address into the website subscribe button.

I think, we now have emails and Facebook updates working again, but the subscribers will need to subscribe again.  Apologies for any inconvenience!

Comic Relief Day… on Friday!  Our School Council have asked for a brightly coloured clothes non-uniform day, and one where we can wear pyjamas or onesies.   They’ve also asked us not to purchase noses (but you can wear them if you do have them already – and in a Covid-secure way) and for money to go to Comic Relief of course.  

We have some den building taking place… at the top of the school field with lots of bits from the cut-down Ash trees from earlier in the year, as well as some of the construction wood we had left over.   Den building has brought about a good level of communication and negotiation with the children and it’s been a great success.  We’re exploring ways to expand and enhance this provision but please bear in mind that we have had one cut finger so far as a result.  I believe that the positives gained from this play and provision far outweighs the risks and small injuries that could result – I would hope that parents would agree with this, as it’s been lovely to see at lunchtimes.  (Photos for the Blog later in the term!)

Please inform us of any illnesses that meet ‘the three symptoms’, so that we can communicate to others, anonymously, about possible class or bubble closures.  Please phone the school about this as soon as you can, so that we can refer to the DfE hotline.  Thank you!

Covid-safe School Guidelines…  

> One parent per child on the playground please.

> Wear masks on the school property.

> Use the one-way gates (in at the front, out through the School House).

> Keep 2m and follow social distancing rules please.

> Phone or email Jo, and 

> Please don’t block the doorway or office hatch.

> Please DO come on to the playground as children exit the white School House gate straight on to a road and we need their parents to supervise this.  


Thank you again for all the books you brought in yesterday and also the cash donations.  These will be put to good use in our school libraries and the £50 or so cash to purchase a few more.  Keep an eye out for details of FROGS funding ideas in the near future, as we haven’t had any fundraising opportunities for a while.

I’ve placed a link to our Celebration assembly on the Classroom Stream (you’ve not forgotten about them already have you?!) but here’s a link to it here also! 




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