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Our Early Years… Ernest Hill

Class 2… Joshua Carlo-Patt

Class 3… Jet Stocks

Class 4… Will Shaddick

…and a link to our Celebration Assembly is at the bottom of this newsletter…

We’ve got to the midway, half-term break…  Well done everyone!  We’ve heard from parents quite a few times now about their new respect for teachers, but you’ve possibly also now been experiencing the increase in tiredness, and the decreasing tenacity that often comes in the last couple of weeks?  Often at school, this comes with behaviour issues and children falling out with each other… I really hope you’ve not had this too!  

One of the many difficulties that we’ve discovered in school about Remote Provision, is the reduced ability to adapt to things quickly.  I’m talking about the intricate daily things here, like when a lesson doesn’t go the way you want or a behaviour issue interrupts the session.  These things do happen in our school, and normally we’re able to change a lesson, adapt the afternoon, or simply spend time with some individuals to help address the issue, but this is yet another major drawback of Remote Provision – for all of our children, whether they’re in school or not, especially since all our staff are incredibly busy already.   

However, thank you very much for being patient with us when we adjust and adapt the learning and Classroom provision, and address our attention to other aspects of school life.  We would do this during ‘normal school’ times, but it’s really tricky to do online and when we have an rigid timetable!  Just thank you again, for your patience and understanding.

The daily DfE email yesterday reminded schools of their minimum expectations of Remote Learning, and it was a good moment for the school staff to sit back and realise how much more we’re putting on here than what the DfE require, and what other schools nationally are providing.   The baseline, is simply pointing parents to websites. 

Normally, school reports would be written and issued this term but given the current situation, this time we’ll be writing reports at the end of the school year.  Teachers are having lots of communications with parents at the moment, but if you do need to ask anything or get in touch, please do so.  

Our school reports were redesigned about 7 years ago after consultation with parents.  We’ll be providing a survey again soon asking the same question… “What do you really want to know from your child’s report?”

We’ve had several discussions in our school community about online safety and the intensity of being online a lot.   We put on an Online Safety webinar a couple of weeks back (link) and you’ll find lots of information here too (link).  I hope these are helpful, but hopefully you’ve also set time limits, know who they’re playing with, have some attention to what they’re saying rather than letting them play mic’d up behind closed doors, have some ground rules about how they communicate and talk to them about all these points too.  

I blogged this week about Internet Safety Day, with their theme of the reliability of the internet – can you trust what you read?  I just loved Frankie’s take on Roman Gladiators:  “Did you know that they made those formations with their shields so that they could have some privacy getting changed into their battle armour?!”  Have a look at the website we made!

Someone asked us about the guidance this week…
Meeting with others… link
Support Bubbles … link
Childcare Bubbles… link
I know people organise accidental meet-ups for a walk outside but, looking at this guidance, I’d really discourage large Beach-Meets where many people mingle.    

The half term break comes with the need to carry out Contact Tracing.  If a child who has been in school develops symptoms over the weekend, that then turns out to be a positive test… please do email me at .  It is vital that I pass this information anonymously to everyone in the school class or bubble, so they can isolate and keep further people safe.

Staff have been carrying out Covid tests twice a week for a month now.  This is great in that we can catch asymptomatic people (no symptoms) and get them to isolate, but do be aware that this may also cause bubble closures.  

We’ve been invited to take part in an excellent project called Home Debate Club.  We’ve done this in school just a couple of times but this is for YOU, at home.  You have 3 minutes to debate something and we only see the UK’s whole response, at the end of the week.   We’re on the last two days of the current question: “Is the coronavirus and the pandemic being focused on too much?” but with the next question in mind, I wondered if you wanted to get your family to discuss this…
On Monday, they’re asking the question: “Should the school day be longer to make up for lost learning?

We still haven’t heard anything about opening fully, but we’ll keep you posted when we know more.  I write weekly reminders asking our families to keep children at home when they’re safe to do so and this still applies for when we return from the half term break.  Not only when you can, or aren’t working, but if they’re safe to be at home.  


I’ve placed this in an announcement on the Classroom ‘Streams’ but here’s a link to our Celebration assembly this week!


Have a lovely well-earned half-term break!
And if you do get out onto the beach for some FRESH air, do
please consider taking a bag to pick up some rubbish.
Mr Thomas 🙂