Class Stars

Our Early Years… Koa Whitney

Class 2… Jack Ferguson

Class 3… Nadia Sypianska

Class 4… Joseb Greenwood

…and a link to our Celebration Assembly is at the bottom of this newsletter…

Preschool children have done some lovely artwork and written stories about their waterhole this week, and our Reception children have been throwing boomerangs.  Apparently, none came back.  I wonder if any were made at home, and perhaps tried out for real on the beach?  Did they come back?

Class 4 have done lots of work regarding environmental issues.  They’ve created excellent projects on deforestation, pollution, species extinction, global warming and chemical spills.  There’s more information and photos on our school blog of course, but it’s brilliant work.

Sometimes, we share news on the school’s Facebook page instead of the website.  Continuing the environmental theme, Plastic Free North Devon were out on Croyde pointing out the amount of microplastics washed up by the river.  It’s certainly good for your mental health to get out for a walk, so do please consider taking a bag to pick up some bits if you do.

Such sad news that Captain Tom Moore died this week.  The Braunton Learning Cooperative will be commemorating his life in some way this term, with a plaque saying that, ‘Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day.’  We’ll keep you informed of what we do.  What an inspirational man!

We have one more week to go and then it’s the half term break.  I’m sure everyone’s going to take a HUGE breath of fresh air (and sigh of relief) as we slow down to a stop with our schooling and remote learning.  Well done everyone… you’ve been brilliant!

Just as I wrote last week, we’ve reviewed our Remote Provision and have linked this on our website.  We’ve compared ourselves to what many other schools are doing (Nationally, not just locally) and I’ve got to say that our school provision is excellent and far above what the DfE expects from us.  You’ll all understand that to provide for an online community at the same time as an in-school community, with all the limitations of technology and nuances of software, is extremely hard, but we’re doing well and I’m extremely proud of what the staff are providing.

But well done and thanks again to our parents! All of what I’ve just said above applies to you too, as you’re having to pick up new skills, learn ‘how things are taught nowadays’, and also cope with those technology and software issues.  We appreciate it’s hard, but you’re doing a great job and we’re very grateful!

It’s Children’s Mental Health Week, this week.  All family situations are different and you’ll want to ensure that learning takes place in a positive and supportive way for you and your child.  This may require you to have time-out to look after everyone’s mental health!  Whilst we are required to support your child with our remote provision, we’re also mindful of everyone’s wellbeing.  We get in touch with those who don’t make the Meets or don’t submit work, but please make sure you email your teacher and let us know if you’re finding something difficult in any way.

I also look after our staff team too – their safety and wellbeing – which is why I do weekly reminders asking our families to keep children at home when they’re safe to do so.  Not only when you can, or aren’t working, but if they’re safe to be at home.

It’s Safer Internet Day on Tuesday.  Our curriculum offer should have something in there about being safe online, but the theme this year is about trusting the reliability of the information you find.  I wonder if any of the classes will blog some false information for our parents and community to read?

There is a half-term provision for those families who may need something for their children and it’s based at Southmead Primary School through the half term week.  Please have a look at the flier that we’ve blogged for further information.

And just as a reminder… The Covid-19 tab on our website has several links for further reading and support for you.  In summary…

  • We provide a rough outline of what a day at home could look like,

  • We have our Remote Provision Plan giving an overview of what we do for remote learning,

  • We also have our Google Meet Protocol on there too, which could be something you share with your child detailing what we expect during our daily meetings,

  • There’s a page full of useful links to interesting and helpful web pages,

  • A menu of activities that Preschool may like to try,

  • A link to the school’s Safeguarding information,

  • The school’s Covid-19 Risk Assessment – lots of detail about how we’re working and what we need to have in place at the moment.

  • There’s also a review of our Remote Learning, a collection of statements about what we’re providing

  • There’s also the NHS letter that stipulates some important things to do – such as what to do in case of symptoms and who to phone if you need a test.

I’ve placed this in an announcement on the Classroom ‘Streams’ but here’s a link to our Celebration assembly this week!

How lovely to spot an Elmer in a window this week.  Thank You! 🙂