What’s on? … Week ending 15th January 2021 …issue no. 485

We’re changing little things here and there at school, like the registers being taken online using Google Sheets rather than the ‘old fashioned’ books that get handled by many children and adults before finally handing to Jo, and also some HUGE changes here such as our remote provision through Google Classroom!  I wonder  if we’ll ever have “snow days” any more, when we can set assignments from our home office area.  Don’t worry; I think we’ll have to set assignments like the longest toboggan slide, or the tallest snowman?

Another change, I wonder, is whether paper Newsletters will ever make a comeback here?  We’ve not printed one through this current lockdown, and now that we’ve got everyone signed up to the blog, we may continue doing it this way.  Let us know if you’d desperately like to have a paper copy!

We sent out emails this week, and also an additional blog yesterday, asking for your views on our remote learning provision.  We’ve received some excellent feedback, so I’d like to say thank you to everyone for completing the short survey.  We’ll be closing the survey down at the end of the school day, so if you want to jump on and complete it now, you’ll have a short amount of time to do so.  Here are the links to each class survey…

Class 1 (EYFS) … Class 2 … Class 3 … Class 4

Our online and remote learning provision seems to be working really well.  Could we ask that if there’s any reason why you’re not able to attend the morning’s Google Meet, that you email or phone the office and let Jo know why.  We appreciate there may be some difficulty with your own workload, family life or even technical difficulties during this odd and stressful time, but we do expect children to login, say hello and then hand in their work in some way back to the teacher.  We are here for you, so do please get in touch if you need help in any way.

We’ve also added a Google Meet protocol (the Do’s and Don’ts of online learning) to the website’s Covid dropdown menu.  It’s important to have a look at these and talk them through with your child.   Linked here for you.  Our protocol is there to help the class meeting run smoothly, to set everyone up for the right attitude to their day’s learning, but also to keep everyone safe.  Please have a read.

We’ve had conversations with our pupils about what the Covid-19 Caronavirus is and we’ve responded to questions and worries as they are brought up or mentioned by the children – all at a level appropriate to the age and maturity of the children we’re talking to.  Although, we’ve not had the opportunity to talk to children about the reasoning behind having some children at school and others at home.  Given that some of the learning at school is synchronous (‘done at the same time’, like Google Meets) it’s very possible that you’ll hear names, or see the faces, of the children in school.  We really don’t want to cause any upset, so we’d ask our parents if they could help explain the situation to your child – I don’t think we could do that task very easily, remotely and on an individual basis so we really appreciate your support.

We are sending Google Forms to our critical workers every Thursday so they can book their school places.  Given that the DfE guidance asks that people Stay at Home where they can, and also ask that Critical Workers keep their children at home where they can, we ask that you help to keep numbers as low as possible in school to help keep transmission rates down.

This point above, is quite an important one… because if we had a child with symptoms in school, or we heard of a positive test result, we would need to close a class provision, a whole bubble (KS1 or KS2) or possibly even the whole school.  The crucial point here of course is that our bubbles in this current lockdown, are made up of doctors, nurses, teachers and other crucial Critical Workers.   Please… Stay at home if you can.

With reduced income for school lunches, we have reduced our menu options at school from next week.  The new menu should have been emailed to you.

The Braunton Learning Cooperative has organised an Online Safety course… (online of course!)… on Tuesday 26th January at 7pm, using a chap called Karl Hopwood, from www.esafety.ltd.co.uk

Karl will be addressing the following things in his webinar:

  • What are children and young people really doing when they go online (as opposed to what they might tell their parents that they are doing)
  • What are the real risks that they face (both in general but also specifically now with the current COVID lockdown situation – there is evidence that some risks have been heightened as a result) – I’ll look at the latest research and cover key areas such as cyberbullying, harmful content etc.
  • What are the solutions – a mixture of technical and practical things that parents can do so that their children can benefit from all of the opportunities that exist online but in a safe and secure way.
Karl advises and sits on a number of national and EU wide boards of charities and organisations that promote and address issues around online saftey. More information about Karl can be found here: http://www.esafetyltd.co.uk/   It’ll be a Microsoft Teams Meeting using this link but there won’t be a two-way provision like our google Meets and you won’t need to worry about cameras or muting your microphone.  If you’d like a specific question answered, then please email me and I’ll try to get it to Karl before the event.


And finally, our Celebration Assembly… (hopefully the link works!)

Do have a lovely weekend.  Be safe!