Well done for surviving another week.  I hope you’re keeping safe and well, and enjoying the sun in the confines of the small space around you!

It’s possibly difficult having NO routine, but you could possibly find it easier having at least some routine to your day.  We’ve put together many things to help and support our families, on our Closure Support Page (link).

Our staff have been working in the background putting together some more resources and links on the web page.  Here you’ll find links to free websites and resources, but also a sheet for each class offering you some options for your week, based around four areas of learning…

  • Being Academic

  • Being Technological

  • Being Creative

  • Being Active

With it now being the second week of our Easter break, we’ve slimmed down these suggestions for you and tried to make them, not only less of a tough ask in terms of academic material, but fun and something that’s possible to do during a lock down when you shouldn’t leave your house for much!

Here’s a quick link to each page…

Class 1 … Class 2 … Class 3 … Class 4

Take care… stay safe… stay inside… protect everyone.

Julian Thomas