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Weekly FUN blog

Dear Parents Once a week I will share 5 fun activities I have found. If you have any ideas, please do send them through! Here's this week! 1. For those who love Art: paint something lovely on your window. Important tip: do a test patch first! Simply mix ready-mixed paint with a small amount of soap / washing up liquid [...]

Blogging pictures of our wonderful children’s home learning

Dear Parents We would love to be able to keep blogging images of your children learning - we know that relatives who do not live locally (or cannot see the children at the moment) really enjoy reading these and seeing what the children have been getting up to. Our staff would also love to see how they're getting on; it [...]

Dear Children…

Dear Children… I have been writing to your families a lot over the past few days but today I am writing to YOU! Firstly I wanted to say how proud I am of all of you.  You have been fantastic this year but especially over the past few weeks.  It has been strange at times – having to wash your [...]

20 March, 2020 15:24

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Friday Morning’s CV update…

Dear Parents, The government released who comes under the banner of key workers and vulnerable children very early this morning. The advice remains the same: "The most recent scientific advice on how to further limit the spread of COVID-19 is clear.  If children can stay safely at home, they should, to limit the chance of the virus spreading." There is [...]

Thursday’s Covid Update

Dear Parents, This afternoon Devon County Council have issued some guidance regarding next week and beyond. Currently, all schools are being asked to stay open for children of key workers next week.  The official guidance for this group has not yet been released but we can make an educated guess that this includes all health workers, social care staff, police, military [if [...]

Message from the local schools…

A message from Sam Page, Headteacher of Caen Primary... Without needing to repeat any of it, he's saying to our wider community what I've had little time to do myself. Please have a read, and thank you for being patient with us. Julian Dear Parents and Carers, The Devon Association of Primary and Secondary Head Teachers will be having a [...]

Worrying times create a need for Viking battles, shelter-building and general kid hilarity!

While our Year 6s (and I quote) treat their final practise paper like "the real SATs and we're gonna SMASH it!!!" it has been possible to take a moment to reflect on what lovely children we have and what really matters. Here is a tiny snapshot of our last few days... P.S. That last picture is mud, promise!!

Home learning ideas…

AKA, musing of a headteacher. We’re sending out ideas and packs today… And we’ll be populating web pages… But we thought we could host a place where people could post ideas? I'm sure Pinterest and Facebook will help here too, but it's a thought; a possible helpful page? It's also un-moderated.  Please be thoughtful of the audience! Link here, for [...]

New news. Wednesday pt.2

We are almost at the point of finalising home-learning packs and we will issue them tomorrow, now that we know we're closing our doors on Friday. Additional to this, we will be starting to populate web pages and support for online working.  Please be patient, as we've got lots to do and we're only a small school.  (I have to [...]