What an amazing day.

Some great and ambitious planning by Miss Summerville and Mrs Axford and we had beaches stormed and a soldier telling us how to do it!

Our Company was split into 2 Platoons (it’s normally 3) with one heading off to Rosemoor to experience the rain and outdoors (that sounded like one mad trip!)… and the other Platoon staying at home.

Our platoon comprised of 4 sections (it’s normally 3) and we named them Gold, Juno, Sword and Utah after the beaches that we stormed.

After hearing about and discussing D-Day and Operation Overlord, Commander (Mr) Axford showed us lots of kit and compared our school’s six values to the army’s: Courage, Discipline, Respect for Others, Integrity, Loyalty & Selfless Commitment. Some great discussions ensued!

Our platoon commanders ran the sessions where children made boats to carry soldiers to the beaches (airplanes too), mapping and controlling the bots to get there, BandLab software was used to try and create a piece of music encapsulating the feeling of the time and also thoughts, diary extracts and poems too, inspired by some photos we shared.

Lunch was actually spent on the beach after storming our way on to Omaha, in the Hall. We had to sit where we could and find some space!

We will fight them on the beaches.
We will fight them on the beaches.
Young and old, getting told,
We will fight them on the beaches!
Weak and strong, on their boat getting cold,
We will fight them on the beaches.
Getting closer to the end, let’s help them to defend,
Warships sailing away.

By Elfini.

Here is an example of some of the music created in BandLab to represent the images of D-Day