Class 4 have done some work this week on their class reading book, Varjak Paw. 

Varjak Paw is a Mesopotamian Blue kitten.  He lives high up in an old house on a hill.  He’s never left home, but then his grandfather tells him about the Way – a secret martial art for cats.  Now Varjak must use the Way to survive in a city full of dangerous dogs, cat gangs and, strangest of all the mysterious Vanishings.

Here’s Darcy’s piece of writing…

Varjak, Holly and Ginger were roaming through the cold, dark, empty streets, when all of a sudden, it started raining. They decided they needed to find shelter.  Off they went.  Then they came across a supermarket.  Varjak decided it would be an excellent shelter and they could have a snack.  So they waited till the lockup man came out, so they could sneak in.  After waiting a while, the lockup man came out.  Whilst he was busy trying to find the right key to lock the door with, Varjak, Holly and Ginger snuck into the open door.

The three cats looked in amazement.  As they went exploring, Varjak went into the back room where the money and the spare cat food was kept.  Varjak stared in wonder, but as he walked through the door he didn’t spot the laser beams, which set the alarms off.

Suddenly, two guards appeared, catching a glimpse of Varjak’s tail.  As this was happening, Ginger ran off to hide.  Varjak started to run, frantically trying to get away, the guards closing in behind him.  He was skidding on the newly cleaned floor.  Fortunately, the men tripped on their shoe laces, which Holly had tied together. Whilst the guards lay on the floor, Varjak and Holly went to hide with Ginger, in the massive plastic boxes.

As the sun rose, the owner walked in, furious.  The shop owner growled, “What are you doing in my supermarket?”

One of the guards said, “We saw a cat, he made us trip over.”  The guards started crying. The owner started walking around, still shouting at the guards.  Whilst they were arguing, Varjak, Holly and Ginger found their chance to make a dash.

When they were walking back into the shady alleyways, they all said that they were starving.  After all that commotion they didn’t get to eat anything!