Today was ‘Wear Blue Day’ for many, many schools in the UK and apparently it’s been recognised as an important day in schools around the world too.

It’s Anti-Bullying Week next week and the whole school will be signing our pledge to SAY NO to bullying.  We spoke about having the confidence to speak to someone in school, whether that be an adult, a friend or one of the older children in school – all of us are able to help, but we can only do so once someone has said something.

We are Confident… to say something!

Why Blue?  In assembly, several children told us all about how ‘feeling blue’ meant that someone was sad.  We really didn’t like the idea of feeling sad and so we all showed that we were in this together and that we’d look out for each other.  Darn it – I slipped up and didn’t refer to one of our other school values: We Are A Community.