I’d like to share some of the work we’ve done heading towards Armistice Day this Sunday.
Poppies… and poems.
Only one of these were planned for and directed… and a HUGE thank you must go to Sarah Tucker for the sheer amount of work and effort in prepping so many plastic bottles!

The poem that found its way on to the Newsletter however wasn’t what we’d planned.  Whilst everybody wrote their version of I Am Cat, Amias’s poem took a lovely and poignant direction with the location of where his daisy was growing.

I am daisy.
At night I dream.
At night I dream that I sway in Flanders Field.
Beneath me brave soldiers lie.
At night I dream that I hide in overgrown hedges, my bright petals giving me away.
At night I dream that my sweet scent floats through the air.
My petals blood red.
At night I dream that I float upon the clear waters of PuPu springs in New Zealand.
At night I dream so that you can dream with me.