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Group 1 cycled 15 miles to Bideford, and returned, clocking up 30 miles!

Group 2 went to Fremington and a splinter group headed off to Instow too.  That’s either 16 or 24 miles!

Group 3 cycled the Rock Park route and managed to do the whole 12 miles.  We were really proud of these guys as some had only very recently remove their stabilisers!

Group 4 had a great time at school making  their own routes around the playground and using their own bikes as well as the trikes and scooters we’ve got here.  They also had such a fun cycling-themed day, with arts and crafts too.

Cycling isn’t something that’s in the National Curriculum for Primary Schools, but Mrs Mortimer was right 5 years ago – we should do something with our families and community when we’ve got something like the Tarka Trail on our doorstep… and our children did us proud!

Well done everyone!

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