It was a lovely Sunday morning, starting off in church and walking through the village to the small green to assemble the characters that we’d collected as we went.

The school’s song ‘Midnight’ was quite funny when we put the replies, shouts, farm animal sounds and actions to the words! (I wonder if anyone will put them in, in this week’s singing assembly?)

We found Mary and Joseph (and conveniently, a donkey) in the church and set off to The Kings Arms. Shucks, they had no room. Oddly, we ‘found’ baby Jesus at St George’s House; I’m not sure if there was any room there, but there wasn’t any room at The Rock Inn either.  I may have missed something because by then we were a large group and quite spread out, and I was at the back.

To the New Rectory to collect some more characters, and then to the green.  The crib had been decorated with lovely yellow prayers written by our children the Friday before. “Father God, Please help us all to remember that Christmas isn’t just about presents.”

What a lovely Crib service 🙂