Class 3 went to the Life Skills caravan this morning.We were introduced to many different organs in the body and were told about the jobs they do. Which one is the most important?

How do nerves work?
Oscar had to pass the message on for Sam to wave his hand at a friend across the road. Sam got tired waving and had to pass the message back to the brain that he was tired, which meant Oscar decided to pass the message to stop. Phew, said Sam.

We also had a discussion about exercise, alcohol. Medicines and cigarettes, whether they were helpful to us or harmful. Alcohol is present in wipes and hand gel too so we stuck that sign to both walls. E-cigarettes were spoken about this year and even though they had little other bad things, they still give the body nicotine which changes how the body works.

Just before meeting Harold (the giraffe) we watched a video about how his friends were being good friends. How do you get on when you’re arguing about what you want to do… Will sharing work?

Class 4 also went this morning and did some work on friends. This also covered emotions, behaviour and choices.
Classes 1 and 2 went this afternoon and covered the topics ‘My Wonderful Body,’ and ‘All About Me.’

A sheet should be coming home today saying something about Life Education Centres and what our children learnt in the caravan.