It was a bit more than just a Christmas Jumper Day, with tinsel and sparkly things everywhere!

We saw Father Christmas at the start of the day in the helicopter and also at the end of the day where he made it down to my office and handed out presents to all the children!  Thanks!

Christmas lunch was a delight – there was also a spontaneous moment when the whole school started singing ‘midnight.’  Just lovely!
[and YouTubed for you below!]

Many children copied one another and chose ice cream for pudding (luckily we had enough for the whole school) but the kitchen staff made sure to offer little ‘taster’ chunks of Christmas Pudding to everyone.  Hopefully the children will say yes to having some at home on Christmas day.  There were many sprouts eaten too, but with such big portions and platefuls we just couldn’t manage it all!  (Of course I did.)

…and then a lovely long playtime and a video in the school hall whilst popping out to see Father Christmas.

Bliss.  What a day.
He’s got his work cut out hasn’t he, that Father Christmas?!