Year 6 are going to London next week, so on Friday we talked about their trip. They were all so excited about everything but I asked them to try and choose one thing that they thought they would enjoy the most.

Luke C can’t wait to go kayaking because he loved canoeing in class 3.

Eva thinks that caving will be amazing because it looks totally awesome.

Zac and Fraser are looking forward to the London Eye.

Brock, Rez and Hughie said that the best thing will be sharing a room with all their friends.

Maisy is excited about everything because she hasn’t been to London before.

Marley said she loves museums because they have loads of ‘stuff’ that you won’t see anywhere else.

Holly hopes she will get some time to shop.

Aliyah and Luke H are looking forward to everything.

Sam can’t wait to go to the Science Museum.

Amber thinks it will be a great chance to spend a fun time with the teachers and year 6 friends.

Ellis is looking forward to going on the London Underground for the first time ever.

Kieron said that it will all be amazing because he has never been to London before.

Mr Thomas, Teddy, Grace and Ruby are looking forward to seeing Matilda (Teddy’s cousin says it was AMAZING).

Miss Trute (who has been lots of times with Y6 groups) thinks that walking along the Embankment in the evening is the highlight.

Miss Hill and Mrs Herbert-what are you most looking forward to?

Have fun everyone! Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back! 🙂